Subscription Box Review: A Court of Candles, ACOFAS Limited Edition Box

It’s been a veryyyyyy long time since I reviewed a one of my subscription boxes, so I thought it was time to dive back into doing that again. It’s also a really good time to do so, as I have started doing one time purchases from random ones in order to get a feel for which work for me the most.

My newest addition is the A Court of Candles Limited Edition A Court of Frost and Starlight Box. And I have to say that it exceeded my expectations for my first candle subscription box. This service offers two different sized boxes, Demi-Fae (which does not offer the shirt/tote option) and High-Fae which includes all items. I chose the High-Fae option so I could get a complete feel for this company.

  • Quote Shirt – Obviously this is the most famous quote from this series, which I totally love. If you ordered the High Fae sized box, then you got to choose between a shirt or tote bag option. I prefer tshirts because I wear the crap out of them, whereas I don’t find myself using all of the totes that I’ve accumulated over the past few years. I really like the color of the shirt and obviously the quote, however, the fabric is not soft at all and a bit stiff. I’m hoping a few turns in the laundry will fix that.
  • Diffuser Necklace – Not really my favorite piece in the box. It’s quite large and not my style at all. However, it’s a really interesting idea that I would never have thought of and I appreciate that kind of creativity. Also, the fragrance oil smells nice.
  • Art Print – I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty obsessed with this gorgeous piece of Rhysand and Feyre by artist Salome Totladze. She also designed all of the character labels in this box as well. She’s super talented! This print is just too pretty not to frame and is actually a really good size. It’s nice that they made it bigger than normal prints you get in boxes.
  • Nessian Bookmark – Also designed by Salome, this bookmark is way pretty! Nesta and Cassian are one of my fave couples in this series, so I appreciate that I now have a bookmark of them! However, I wish the bookmark had been printed on sturdier paper and was just a little smaller. But it’ll be perfect for some of my larger books!
  • CANDLES!!! – As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m obsessed with candles. I burn them pretty much every single day. Yes, I actually use my candles!! I always find it a little strange that people keep them and never burn them, but anyways… I love love love that all of the candles in this box actually have a strong scent. I hate when you get candles but then can’t really smell them, which isn’t a problem here! I can’t wait to get to burning all of these pretties! Scents are listed below.
    • Rhysand: Black Sea, Midsummer’s Night – softer than I thought it would be but I really like it.
    • Morrigan: Cherry, Citrus, Cinnamon – not really my favorite, as the cherry is pretty strong and I was hoping for more citrus.
    • Amren: Grapefruit, Cassis, Sidra – I love the smell of grapefruit and this one is mixed really well. Perfect for summertime!
    • Cassian: Leather, Vanilla, Bamboo – smells like a really strong man. So you basically get Cassian in a candle and I ain’t gonna complain about that! 😉
    • Azriel: Marine, Violet, Musk – this is probably my favorite candle in the box. It smells soft and mysterious with the musk standing out the most. Love it!
    • Winter Solstice: Wine, Crackling Fire, Pine – definitely has a wintery smell and makes me want to curl up with a book by the fire.
    • Frost & Starlight: Hazelnut, Chocolate, Pine Cones – DEFINITELY smells like chocolate, almost a little too much.
    • Feyre: Pear, Lilac, Ginseng – soft and floral which works really well now in the springtime.

All in all, I really enjoyed this box! The candles all have really distinct scents, rather than smelling the same. I also like most of the extra items in the box, especially the print and bookmark. I do plan to order from A Court of Candles again in the future, especially when I start to run low on candles again.

Have you ever ordered from any candle subscription boxes before? Have you purchased from A Court of Candles? If so, what did you think of them? What are some of your favorite subscription boxes?