Ratings System

When it comes to reviewing books, I am pretty honest with how I feel about the story I have read. These are my personal opinions and I’m not a professional reviewer, I just love to read. I am not bias, nor do I let any outside influences persuade me to lean one way or the other. What you see is exactly how I feel. Honestly. I promise that I have read each book from beginning to end, even if I didn’t enjoy it. How could you completely review a book any other way?

Here’s how my ratings work:

5 Stars – Absolutely enjoyed the book from beginning to end. Has become an instant favorite and will sing its praises from the rooftops and across the internet!

4 Stars – Really enjoyed the book and will recommend it, just missed a few marks.

3 Stars – The book was up and down with some parts being genuinely fun and others, not so much.

2 Stars – It never really was able to capture my attention but shows some potential in areas.

1 Star –  Basically, it was a chore to finish and I didn’t enjoy one second of it. Yikes. I don’t tend to give these very often, if ever.