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Hi ya’ll! My name is Larkin and I am just a simple girl from Texas who is here to share with you my personal literary adventure. I was reading before I was even walking (I kid, I kid). I will literally read any kind of book but my favorites are – YA, fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi, contemporary lit, and dystopian.

I graduated from TCU in 2013 and then spent a year as a TEFL teacher in Prague. Seriously, if you’ve never been to Prague then put it at the top of your list and say hi to the beer garden in Reigrovy Sady for me! I love to travel and have been to 14 different countries.

I have an obsession with scented candles and candy, especially if it’s sour. I tend to watch way too much sports (let’s go Cowboys, Dallas Stars, FC Dallas, Horned Frogs, and Liverpool!) and read way too many books. I believe there’s no such thing as have your cake and eat it too, because I will eat it. Always.

I hope my blog introduces you to some really fantastic and maybe some even not-so fantastic books. Wonderfilled Reads was created to connect people and books together, creating a lovely literary community. I encourage you to leave some feedback and connect with other readers, but please, do be respectful.

You can contact me by email at wonderfilledreads@gmail.com

And as always, enjoy your reading!

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