My Unpopular Bookish Opinions

I’m going to be upfront and state that I’m a very opinionated person. There are very few things that I don’t especially feel one way or another about. I’m also pretty vocal about those opinions. However, I never force them on anyone else and I’m always interested in hearing other thoughts on them as well. With that being said, I decided to share a few of my personal thoughts on random bookish things. I mean, who doesn’t love a little discussion?!

I really do not care for anthologies.

Here’s the deal, I appreciate the idea behind them but I just don’t enjoy short stories on the whole. I feel like there’s not enough time to really dive into a story before it’s over. And most of the time, they’re just boring because they are so short that nothing actually happens. So yeah, short stories are not my jam. I only own one anthology and it’s the Star Wars one released as a special edition a couple of years ago… And I still haven’t been able to make it halfway through it. C’est la vie.

I struggle to enjoy contemporary novels.

I’m an escapist reader. I love to live in different times, places, and worlds through my novels. This makes it really hard for me to enjoy contemporary stories, unless there’s something unique to the plot. Now I do enjoy contemporaries set in other areas of the world, such as Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows or Love & Gelato. But typically, I’m super picky about contemporaries and I’m not ashamed about that.

I will not buy used or damaged books.

I’m a book collector. I enjoy buying beautiful books to add to my shelves and so this makes me prefer to purchase only new ones. It really bothers me to have damaged books. Maybe this stems from me being very careful with my personal books and never letting them get damaged. But either way, I just can’t justify buying a damaged product just to save a little money. If you’re like me and on a budget and located in Canada or the U.S., I really recommend using Book Outlet to buy new books at a low cost!

I like a good love triangle.

Yes, that’s right! I actually enjoy love triangles in books! I think my favorite part is rooting for one character over the other. This usually is helped by the fact that one of the characters I probably actively dislike (LOOKING AT YOU, STUPID MAL!!!!!).

What are some of your unpopular bookish opinions? Do you agree or disagree with any of mine? Is there a specific genre that your struggle to enjoy as well? 

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9 thoughts on “My Unpopular Bookish Opinions”

      1. Agree! I disliked him from page one and I felt furious that he ends up as the main romantic figure. I didn’t care for Alina, either, so I wasn’t too heartbroken over it, but I just couldn’t stand that this is what’s being presented as the optimal choice of partner.

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  1. Ooh really – I love contemporaries and it’s probably the genre I read the most. I tend to prefer more realistic storylines which is a form of escapism like I’m watching someone else’s life play out (if that makes sense haha). I agree with you on anthologies though, I don’t tend to read them.
    I don’t mind a love triangle if it’s done well, but sometimes it can be over the top. I like to be able to guess which way the person is going to go to – hate when you already know who they’ll pick from the get go!
    Great post! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It’s weird because when I was a kid, I would read contemporary stories pretty often. But nowadays it’s really hard for me to find a contemporary that speaks to me, at least when it comes to YA contemporary.

      And that’s a really good point about love triangles! I appreciate a good struggle as well. I thought the one in The Kiss of Deception was done pretty well, especially since the reader doesn’t know which guy is which. I thought that was cleverly done.

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