Common Thoughts and Emotions of a Reader

As readers, we tend to go through lots of different emotional/mental stages. It’s pretty much expected that our books will take us down many winding paths. (It comes with the territory.) With that being said, here are a few thoughts and moments that almost every booknerd will have at least once, or if you’re like me, constantly.

1. The I’m-So-Excited-To-Start-This-Book Feeling


You know you’ve probably done this dance at least once when starting a book that you’ve been really excited about.

2. The Why-Would-The-Author-Do-This-To-Me Cry


Yeah, I think this was me while reading Crooked Kingdom… Like, really, Bardugo? Why you gotta do me like that?!

3. The It’s-Now-4AM-And-I-Have-To-Be-Awake-In-Two-Hours Binge Read Realization


The nights are fun but the next day is most certainly not.

4. The I-Have-Six-Different-Subscription-Boxes-Coming-This-Month Guilt Trip


But does it matter as long as I really, really, really, really “needed” all of them?!

5. The I-Was-Sooooo-Excited-For-This-Book-But-Oh-My-God-I-Really-Don’t-Like-It Frustration Rant


Well, wasn’t that just a waste of my time. WHYYYYYYYYYY??!!!

6. The I-Really-Should-Buy-More-Books-Even-Though-I-Have-So-Many-Unread-On-My-Shelves-Already Moment


I’m pretty sure this is why I’m always broke.

7. The Well-I-Now-Have-A-Crush-On-A-Fictional-Character-So-There’s-That Moment of Acceptance


“Yes, Grandma! I actually am involved with someone right now and no, you don’t know his family.”

8. The Favorite-Author-Is-Going-To-Make-An-Announcement-Today Anxious Waiting


If you’re not announcing the release date for the next book in the series then I don’t even want to hear it. IT’S BEEN 2 YEARS, DAMMIT!

 9. The I-Can’t-Believe-I-Have-To-Wait-Another-Year-To-Find-Out-What-Happens-Next Annoyance


Oh, goody. Another cliffhanger that won’t be answered any time soon… Thanks for that, jerk!

10. The Books-Are-Just-Really-The-Greatest-Thing-Ever Moment of Happiness


More like a constant state of bliss, amirite?

Have you experienced all of the thoughts or emotions as a reader? What other moments have you had?




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17 thoughts on “Common Thoughts and Emotions of a Reader”

  1. Okay but I love your usage of gifs (whether the kpop was intentional or not it’s still appreciated). Hahaha I definitely do that dance when I have either 1) finally bought the book i have been waiting to be released, or 2) started a book that has been on my shelf for year(s)

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      1. Hahaha definitely! I remember when my first Owlcrate came in the mail and I was doing it all the way from my mailbox into the house xD

        Liked by 1 person

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