Halloween Read-A-Thon Wrap-Up

Hello everyone! Today marks the end of the wonderfully fun read-a-thon that was first created by Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews. I’ve never really been one to read spooky books for Halloween or anything, so I’m really glad that I decided to switch things up this year and join in. I have to say that it actually went really well too! I did end up mixing things around a bit, but it all worked out well in the end.



Can I just talk about how much I ended up loving this book? It was just so engaging and fun. I’ve already moved the sequel to my November TBR because I need to dive back into this world pronto.



This turned out to be just a little different than what I was expecting. I found it to end up being more of a character study rather than a creepy murder mystery but I still really enjoyed it.


I almost always read my books after sunset, because you know, I’ve got a full-time job and everything. So all of my books actually fit this requirement!



I originally planned on reading The Child Thief for this challenge but I just couldn’t get into it and rather than put myself in a reading slump, I picked up Anna Dressed in Blood instead. So glad I made that decision because I really enjoyed this one!



This was a really hyped book that I was both excited and nervous for. Luckily, it ended up being a really fun book even though the ending was a tad predictable.


I fell a tad short of this goal due to not finishing The Child Thief. I did finish The Wonder during the last couple of days of this challenge, however, I didn’t have it on my original TBR so I won’t count it. Still, I I feel pretty proud with finishing all of the books that I did during this read-a-thon!

Did you participate in the Halloween Read-A-Thon? How did you do in regards to completing the challenges? Have you read any of the books on my list?

13 thoughts on “Halloween Read-A-Thon Wrap-Up

  1. I haven’t participated in Halloween read-a-thon but I hope to participate next year! I’m glad you loved Dark Days Club and Daughter of the Burning City! They aren’t my favorite reads but I enjoyed reading them. Anna Dressed In Black is in my tbr for a very long time but I haven’t gotten around to read it. I’m glad you loved it, though!

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    1. You really should, it was a lot of fun!.. Yeah, they were really fun books. Daughter of the Burning City was a little predictable but I still enjoyed the overall story and setting. I definitely recommend Anna Dressed in Black. It was pretty creepy, though I think it eased up as the story went along.

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  2. You did a lot better than I did! The only challenge I actually managed to finish was watching a horror movie and I just did that tonight, hahaha. I think I fell into a slump during the second half of the month which SUCKS. You did great though! I really want to read Daughter of the Burning City and I kind of have my eye on Anna Dressed in Black, too.

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    1. Thank you! Hahaha, hey that’s still something! I fall into slumps all of the time, so I know exactly how you feel. It really does suck! But I recommend both Anna and Daughter as they’re both fun books. I hope you enjoy them!

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      1. I very rarely get into reading slumps so it always seems so catastrophic to me when I do, hahaha. I guess I’ll just have to wait it out 😛
        I’m definitely hoping to read both of those soon – especially Daughter since I actually own it, haha. 🙂


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