Popular Books That I Don’t Want to Read.. and Why!


My social media feed has been blowing up lately with people talking about John Green’s new book that is coming out very soon. Every single time I see something mentioning it, I roll my eyes and shake my head. Like, more power to you if you’re a big Green fan, but I just ain’t about it. I find all of his characters to be the exact same, pretentious little assholes. I mean, is John aware that no one talks like that? And especially not a bunch of high school students. Uh uh, doesn’t happen.

With that being said, it got me thinking of all of the really hyped/popular books out there that I just look at and think, yeahhhhh, nope. Now there are many different reasons why I’m not particularly interested in picking up this book or that one. So I thought it would be a great post idea to talk about some of those books that you won’t be finding on my shelves. And if one of those books happens to be your favorite, sorry about that but we all have different tastes. Doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends!

So…. Are you ready?


Well, I think I’ve already pretty much covered why I won’t be reading anything else by John Green. The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns was enough. Better quit while I’m ahead, amirite?








This series just seems very juvenile to me. I might have been interested in reading it when I was in junior high or something, but at 26 years old, I really don’t care to read a story centered on a teen romance. Neeeeeext!







Me and Rowell have a very intense love/hate relationship. I thought Fangirl was just alright, but then I absolutely loved Carry On. However, I just can’t be bothered to read anything else by her. All of the other stories just seem a little, I don’t know… depressing, maybe? However, if she ever wants to write a sequel to Carry On, I’ll come running!






You’re probably thinking that I’m crazy for not being interested in this book at all, but hey, maybe I am! Ever since I first heard about this one and read the synopsis, I just thought it sounded soooo boring. And like, it doesn’t make any sense after the film, does it? Now ask me how excited I am about the Batman book coming out in January… STOKED!





Way to go, Adam… You just had to warn me that I will finish this book depressed as hell. WHY YOU GOTTA TELL ME THAT?!







This one just seems like a money-making scheme for a novel. Then she couldn’t even make it worth a read? Nope, I don’t even care.







Listen, I love the amazing Grisha world that Bardugo has created, but was this short story anthology really needed?… No, it wasn’t. And now we have to wait until 2019 to get the first book for her Nikolai series. I will forever blame it on this book right here for that too damn long wait.






I saw the movie and thought is just entertaining, nothing special. Now do I really want to read a book that gets even more scientifically detailed on raising potatoes on Mars? I don’t think I even need to answer that question.







Hahahahaha… No. I’m sorry but this seems like just a different type of Divergent series, where it ends up all not even being real in the end. Authors, it’s not even a twist anymore. Time to get a bit more creative! Pass.







Everything about this book screams insta-love to me. Not to mention the fact that I can only think of the movie, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, when someone mentions it. I think this is one of those times that I’ll just wait for the film adaptation to hit HBO.




What are some popular books that you have no interest in reading?  What makes you not want to read a book – reviews, synopsis, author, etc.? What do you think about the books on my list?




















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31 thoughts on “Popular Books That I Don’t Want to Read.. and Why!”

  1. I also won’t be reading Green’s new book. I read Paper Towns and although it was okay, I don’t think I’ll read his other books (possibly Fault, but idk)

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  2. TFIOS was my first and last Green book. Although you could give Attachments by Rowell a try, I adored that book (well if you can get past a few aspects!).

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    1. Yeah, I don’t want to push my luck with any more of his books. I think I’ve done my duty giving him a try, haha!.. Yeah, I’ve thought about giving Rowell another try. I just don’t think her contemporaries are for me. But who knows, maybe I’ll try again in the future!

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  3. I do like John Green, though I’ve only read one of his books (The Fault in Our Stars) and watched his vlog quite a bit. I’ve got Turtles preordered. ^^;

    I think Adam is just a given with sad endings. I mean, yes this book gives it to you right up from, but I expected that after More Happy Than Not. He writes good sad endings, though, unlike a lot of Sparks books which I find predictable as hell.

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    1. Yeah, he seems like a nice guy and all. I just notice that he writes the same characters in almost every book. I hope you enjoy Turtles, though!

      That’s what I’ve heard! I don’t mind sad endings, but I don’t want the whole story to revolve around it, if that makes sense. I haven’t read any of his books just for that reason. I can only cry so much! lol!

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  4. I read The Fault in Our Stars last year, and it was okay….I am a little over the ya sick lit genre (but I also read a lot of Lurlene McDaniel growing up). I probably won’t be reading Everything, Everything either, because I read The Sun is Also a Star for our book club, and while I liked the presentation of the story, there were some romantic tropes that bothered me.

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  5. I actually agree with a lot of these. I read The Fault in Our Stars and liked it, but that was enough John Green for me. I don’t like short stories from most authors, so I don’t buy or read their short story anthologies. I also haven’t had much success with superhero books in general. I saw the Wonder Woman one at the library, but it’s just not capturing my attention.

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  6. Ive never read a John Green book and I intend to keep it that way lol. After You seemed very unnecessary & I enjoy the Maze Runner movies, no need for the books which I’ve heard suck! 🙈 The Martian *Le sigh* still haven’t read it and I hear that it’s better than the movie so whenever if ever I have time kind of situation for me lol. However I draw the line at my Dark Queen Leigh Bardugo 😂 Must Read All Books! 🤗🤗🤗 haha! Great post Larkin 💙

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  7. I agree with you 100% about John Green, I did like The Fault in our stars, but I hated his other books. I may read They Both Die at the End even though I heard it is just as devastating as his other books.

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  8. Fab post! I also probably won’t be reading John Green’s new book, I know very little about it tbh! I have loved some of the books you mentioned here but also completely agree that I will never read After You (what an unnecessary book!). I read The Maze Runner but wasn’t too fussed so decided not to continue with the series!

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  9. John Green seems like a cool guy but I’ve never felt any desire to read his books. I liked History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera, but this new one looks so so so sad, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it. And Rainbow Rowell, I love all of her books except Carry On, that one I just liked. I found Attachments really really funny, but it also has a sad streak in it. Most of her books seem to, but it never seems to weigh the story down too much for me.

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    1. Yeah, I agree about John Green.. I just liked Rowell’s Fangirl but loved Carry On lol. None of her other books really interest me though. I think I’m just really picky with my contemporary nowadays since they all seem so similar.

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      1. I think that’s the beauty of reading and the book community – we are all allowed to like what we like and dislike what we dislike. Some things that sets Attachments apart ( in case you ever change your mind about trying it) is that it isn’t YA (I often have a hard time with contemporary YA) and that it switched between prose and emails, which makes for a fun read, I think.

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  10. I’ve never read a John Green book and didn’t realize he had a new one coming out… I have no strong feelings about his work (having never read it) but am not particularly interested!

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