Popular Books That I Don’t Want to Read.. and Why!


My social media feed has been blowing up lately with people talking about John Green’s new book that is coming out very soon. Every single time I see something mentioning it, I roll my eyes and shake my head. Like, more power to you if you’re a big Green fan, but I just ain’t about it. I find all of his characters to be the exact same, pretentious little assholes. I mean, is John aware that no one talks like that? And especially not a bunch of high school students. Uh uh, doesn’t happen.

With that being said, it got me thinking of all of the really hyped/popular books out there that I just look at and think, yeahhhhh, nope. Now there are many different reasons why I’m not particularly interested in picking up this book or that one. So I thought it would be a great post idea to talk about some of those books that you won’t be finding on my shelves. And if one of those books happens to be your favorite, sorry about that but we all have different tastes. Doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends!

So…. Are you ready?


Well, I think I’ve already pretty much covered why I won’t be reading anything else by John Green. The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns was enough. Better quit while I’m ahead, amirite?








This series just seems very juvenile to me. I might have been interested in reading it when I was in junior high or something, but at 26 years old, I really don’t care to read a story centered on a teen romance. Neeeeeext!







Me and Rowell have a very intense love/hate relationship. I thought Fangirl was just alright, but then I absolutely loved Carry On. However, I just can’t be bothered to read anything else by her. All of the other stories just seem a little, I don’t know… depressing, maybe? However, if she ever wants to write a sequel to Carry On, I’ll come running!






You’re probably thinking that I’m crazy for not being interested in this book at all, but hey, maybe I am! Ever since I first heard about this one and read the synopsis, I just thought it sounded soooo boring. And like, it doesn’t make any sense after the film, does it? Now ask me how excited I am about the Batman book coming out in January… STOKED!





Way to go, Adam… You just had to warn me that I will finish this book depressed as hell. WHY YOU GOTTA TELL ME THAT?!







This one just seems like a money-making scheme for a novel. Then she couldn’t even make it worth a read? Nope, I don’t even care.







Listen, I love the amazing Grisha world that Bardugo has created, but was this short story anthology really needed?… No, it wasn’t. And now we have to wait until 2019 to get the first book for her Nikolai series. I will forever blame it on this book right here for that too damn long wait.






I saw the movie and thought is just entertaining, nothing special. Now do I really want to read a book that gets even more scientifically detailed on raising potatoes on Mars? I don’t think I even need to answer that question.







Hahahahaha… No. I’m sorry but this seems like just a different type of Divergent series, where it ends up all not even being real in the end. Authors, it’s not even a twist anymore. Time to get a bit more creative! Pass.







Everything about this book screams insta-love to me. Not to mention the fact that I can only think of the movie, The Boy in the Plastic Bubble, when someone mentions it. I think this is one of those times that I’ll just wait for the film adaptation to hit HBO.




What are some popular books that you have no interest in reading?  What makes you not want to read a book – reviews, synopsis, author, etc.? What do you think about the books on my list?