Hype or Like Friday – Cultural Magic

Just another Hype or Like Friday! This meme and Goodreads group were created by myself, Jill @ Rant and Rave Books, and Britt @ Geronimo Reads. To join our group and find out more information about what it’s all about, please go to our Goodreads page HERE.

The June BOTM is The Crown’s Game (The Crown’s Game, #1) by Evelyn Skye.

I’ll be posting this week and last week’s prompts, as my computer wasn’t working then. Sorry for the delay, y’all!


  • Answer the weekly discussion topic.
  • Optional: Discuss your chosen hyped book of the week.
  • Optional: Talk about your progress on the BOTM.

TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Magical Recommendations – What fantasy books do you recommend that revolve around magic?

Cultural Magic – Like The Crown’s Game, many fantasy novels are inspired by different cultures or regions. What are some cultures/regions/periods that you would like to see represented in the future?

Magical Recommendations

These are just a few of my favorite books that deal with the wonderful stuff that fills our fantasy novels. I’m sure most of you have heard of the majority of these, but I hope that there’s at least one or two that might strike your fancy. 😉

Cultural Magic

There are so many fantasy books that are inspired by different cultures from around the world. But unfortunately, I have not been able to read them all. Please recommend me any that you can think of, I’m always up for adding books to my TBR! Here’s just a few that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of!

  1. Russian/Eastern European – Okay, this one has actually blown up a lot more in the last year or so in YA fantasy. However, I’m just not over it yet and really need more! I actually would like to see more throw a bit of culture and myth into the stories, rather than just a setting inspired by it.
  2. Caribbean/Creole – There is sooooo much that could be done with the rich cultures that have combined and originated in the Caribbean and southern Louisiana. I desperately need books that are set in this area or are inspired by these cultures. I think it’s pretty popular for the urban fantasy/romance genres, but it’s severely lacking in true fantasy or YA. This is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life and I didn’t even realize it until now. Actually, I’ve just been inspired. Gimme a few years, y’all, and I just might have fixed this problem!
  3. Middle Eastern – Another area that has gotten more popular recently but I need more! There’s an abundance of material for inspiration and I’m pretty sure that this will continue to grow in the future.

What are some books based around magic that you recommend? What are some different cultures/regions that you would like to see more fantasy novels inspired by? What books would you recommend for my choices? Leave a link to your Hype or Like Friday post in the comments below!