5 Different Ways We Buy Books

If you’re like me, then when you find yourself out and about buying books, it becomes an adventure. There may be tears of joy, frustration, prolonged periods of intense staring as you have inner debates, and maybe even shouts of excitement because you finally found that really obscure book/edition that you’ve been searching for forever! Onlookers probably feel like they’re on safari watching us in our natural habitat. In short, when we bookworms buy books, it turns into one epic quest to Mordor to find the one book to rule them all.

And in honor of that journey, I decided to list just a few of the ways that we choose our books.

1. The Casual Multiple Hours Long Browsing Selection

This is probably my most common form of book buying when I’m not ordering online. I will literally spend hours just slowly making my way through all of the aisles, just taking my time and picking up anything that catches my eye. Also, the way that ends up with my wallet slapping me across the face and yelling at me about how I should be saving my money.



2. The I-Only-Have-Enough-Money-For-One-Book Debate Selection

Don’t you just hate when you can only afford to get one book but you somehow have about 5 in your hands, and you can’t decide which one is the one you most want so you spend about 30 minutes in the aisle just staring at them all? Yeah, me too.



3. The I’m-Only-Here-For-A-Specific-Book-So-Don’t-Look-At-Anything-Else Selection

We all know about those times when you are on a mission to get that one specific book, so you know that you can’t stop to look at anything else or you’ll end up going home with about 20 different books and not the one you originally came for. When I do this, I practically run down the aisles to where that book is going to be located. I must not be tempted!!!



4. The Finding-Books-That-Were-Recommended-By-Booktube/Bookstagram/Blogger Selection

Because of this great big wonderful book community, we are constantly getting recommended different books to read and buy. For me, these trips don’t always turn out so well…. I find the book and then I’m all like, what the hell am I doing because this book doesn’t really interest me at all?! This happens far more often than I wish it did.



5. The I’ve-Got-Unlimited-Funds-So-Give-Me-Everything! Selection

This is really just a dream scenario but it’s nice to have dreams though, right?




What are some ways that you buy your books? Do any of selection choices fit your usual book buying tendencies?


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36 thoughts on “5 Different Ways We Buy Books”

  1. I’m legit dying from laughter in my cubicle *queue the weird stares from co-workers* LOL smh. YES to every single one of these! I’m just left thinking OK so I’m not the only one with this rationale when it comes to books, GOOD! #1 I do whenever I go by myself, otherwise no one will understand why I find nothing wrong with re-visiting the same aisle over & over again. I just did #3 this past Sunday night, B&N could have been a Drive Through cuz I bee lined to the book then the register for fear of my wandering eyes lol. LOVE the Vanderpump giphs πŸ™‚

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    1. Hahaha I’m so glad I’m not the only person who does all of these! And I basically did that same thing when I went to buy Furthermore. I pretty much was speed walking down the aisle and almost pushed this couple standing in the way. πŸ˜‚
      Hahaha I’m obsessed with Vanderpump Rules. I’ve never missed an episode since it first came out!

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      1. HAHA! I don’t blame you, all is fair game when trying to get to that 1 book w/out temptation getting in the way lol. I am behind this season since my DVR decided to die on me. Got it replaced not too long ago but forgot to set it to record so now I’m left to find creative ways to binge this last season. I need to see what Stassi’s been up to & give Kristin the stink eye hehe πŸ™‚

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  2. I spend hours browsing books online or in stores & only end up being able to get one or two these days & a lot of them were seen through the community so….I’d say I’m basically a mix of a few of these!

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