Musing Mondays – November 28th, 2016

Musing Mondays is a weekly theme hosted by the lovely MizB @ Books and a Beat, that asks you to answer one of the prompt questions and that week’s random question.


  • I’m currently reading…
  • Up next I think I’ll read…
  • I bought the following book(s) this past week…
  • I’m super excited to tell you about (book/author/bookish-news)…
  • I’m really upset by (book/author/bookish-news)…
  • I can’t wait to get a copy of…
  • I wish I could read ___, but…
  • I blogged about ____ this past week…

THIS WEEK’S RANDOM QUESTION: If you were a character, which author would you trust with your life (to write your story)?

I’m really upset by (book/author/bookish-news)…

This is just a little warning for everyone – I’m about to go on a serious Monday morning rant. Things are about to get a little dicey.

I love being a book blogger. I love getting to share my love for reading and books with so many different awesome people all over the world. This community is one of the most supportive, accepting, and caring group of people that there is… USUALLY.

Unfortunately, lately things have been getting a little out of control and quite frankly, downright awful. I’m not one to normally commentate on or get involved in all the social media (mainly Twitter) hullabaloo, as I find it a little childish, but this past week has just really irked me to no end. So let me just say this once…


Y’all, bashing one on another on social media just because you don’t agree on something is about the most trivial and immature thing you can do. Instead, if you don’t like what someone else thinks or does – please just block, unfollow, or ignore them. It’s pretty simple and makes everyone’s lives just a little less negative. This bookish community should be positive and a shining example to the rest of the world what it’s like to be tolerant, accepting, and uplifting. By blasting or passive aggressively subtweeting someone, you are only giving that person more power over you and letting them affect your life. You can’t fix stupid, especially by going on a Twitter rampage. So just let Donald Trump be the official Twitter ignorant idiot. Because you are are better than that!

So let’s try and spread a lot more love and positivity this holiday season, okay?

I love each and everyone one you nerds and I want you to know that I’m always here if you need a hug, a laugh, or just a little pick-me-up.


If you were a character, which author would you trust with your life (to write your story)?

Hmmm, this is a tough question this week! I don’t really know who would be able to write my life story… It would need to be someone who can write sassy female characters really well. Schwab does a really good job with Lila Bard, and Maas has as well with Aelin, so I’d be okay with either one of them to write me. Oh, and I’d definitely trust Mindy Kaling as well! Although, I think she’d do better with turning my life into a tv show.

What are your thoughts on all of the Twitter negativity lately? Am I overreacting because I’m too old? (HAHA!) What author would you trust to write your life story? Leave a link to your Musing Mondays post in the comments below!

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37 thoughts on “Musing Mondays – November 28th, 2016”

    1. Hahaha it’s just so ridiculous! This time one was over subtweeting and another was over someone saying something dumb and it pissed people off.
      Hahaha you are ancient! 😂😂 Just kidding! I just don’t get the whole point of getting all in a rage Twitter. Social media is so lame sometimes haha. 🙄

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Twitter negativity? I haven’t seen anything either but then I only see what I want to see probably on twitter, which are book covers and reveals etc. ;-). I have not a really interesting life story but maybe someone like Jojo Moyes? She can make it tragic I hope and make people cry and laugh with my life story 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, I envy you then! My feed was covered with it on Friday and Saturday. Just makes me roll my eyes in annoyance. People give way too much power to social media idiocy 😂.
      Ohhhh, that’s a great choice! Life is bittersweet and she would be perfect to show that. I can always appreciate a book that makes me laugh AND cry! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t even have social media (I’m a rare breed!) so the twitter hate thing isn’t effecting me, but it still shouldn’t be happening. Especially in the bookish community, where we are all known to support each other. I don’t know if I would be able to trust any author to write my life story (only because they kill off all my favorite characters!) but I think Rick Riordon would do a fabulous job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah, I almost I didn’t have one too after this past month or so. I don’t ever get involved in it but it was just all over my feed so it’s been driving me crazy lately.
      Hahaha that’s a good point! Rick Riordan is an awesome choice! He could turn it into a fun adventure! 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will probably end up getting a twitter and instagram but strictly for my blog. Riordon would definitely make my life seem more adventurous and fun then it truly is

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I know we talked about this last night, but I haven’t seen any of this. Maybe I’m oblivious. Lol If I see something negative, I usually just skim by it without reading much into it. If I could have a famous author write my life story, it would be Stephen King. I love him and his writing. He’s literally my reason for wanting to become a writer. Totally agree with you on Mindy! I love Mindy and her show is so awesome! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha you’re so lucky. I usually just skim it too but it’s been pretty intense lately whit EVERYONE getting involved. Just so silly!
      Ohhhh, is he gonna spook it up a bit? Maybe he could turn you into a serial killer or something?! 😂

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