Review: Carry On

While I enjoyed Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, I just wasn’t enthralled with it and wasn’t particularly interested in picking up any of her other books. However, when Carry On was chosen to be Hype or Like Friday September’s BOTM, I decided to try her out one last time.

Simon Snow is the worst chosen one who’s ever been chosen

That’s what his roommate, Baz, says. And Baz might be evil and a vampire and a complete git, but he’s probably right.

Half the time Simon can’t even make his wand work, and the other half, he sets something on fire. His mentor’s avoiding him, his girlfriend broke up with him, and there’s a magic-eating monster running around wearing Simon’s face. Baz would be having a field day with all this, if he were here – it’s their last year at Watford School of Magicks, and Simon’s infuriating nemesis didn’t even bother to show up.

Carry On is a love letter to love stories and the power of words – to every ‘chosen one’ who ever had more on their mind than saving the world…

The Good

  • The Satire – I see this book getting catching lots of flack because of its similarities to Harry Potter. People, that’s the whole point! It knows that it’s ripping off Harry Potter and is doing it on purpose. This book is making fun of itself, and I can always appreciate that in a story. I think if you go into this book realizing that its basically spoofing the whole “Chosen One” trope, you’ll find it a lot more enjoyable and be able to laugh along with it.
  • Writing – While Rowell’s writing is nothing fancy, I find that it works that way in this book. It flowed nicely, and was able to match the setting really well.
  • Characters – I loved the relationships between all of the characters. I also liked how Rowell was able to show how the relationship between Simon and Baz had been developing over the years, instead of just tossing them together all of a sudden. And the banter between Penelope and Baz was really great.

The Bad

  • Agatha – Seriously, Agatha was nothing but a whiner. Hey girl, if you’re unhappy then just say so! No one is forcing you to do anything! I just really hated her.
  • Pacing – I think this book started off a little slow. The first 1/3 of the book didn’t have much action going on and was more of an introduction to the characters and setting. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself having to push through that.
  • Plot Twist – The “big reveal” wasn’t that big to me. I knew from the beginning of the book who was the problem, so it felt a little anticlimactic.

Overall, I did enjoy this book. It was a quick and entertaining read, and was a nice break from all of the series that I’ve been reading lately. It was nothing amazing or groundbreaking, but just a fun story. And really, sometimes that’s all you need!

Final Verdict: 4/5 Stars

Have you read Carry On? What are your thoughts on the book? How does it compare to other Rowell books that you’ve read?

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29 thoughts on “Review: Carry On”

  1. Haven’t read this yet, but am supposed to be reading it this month for the Halloween Readathon. Not sure if I’ll get to it this month, but I definitely will soon! Lovely review 😊

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    1. Thank you! Hahaha yeah, I’ve definitely noticed how a lot of people didn’t realize that before they picked it up or didn’t recognize it once they’d started reading it. I got it immediately and it had me cracking up the entire time! 😂

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  2. Great review Larkin. 🙂 I’m really glad to see you enjoyed this book as well because Carry On is definitely one of my favourite books and definitely my favourite by Rainbow Rowell.
    I loved the characters, especially Simon and Baz and their relationship. Every scene between the two of them was just amazing, and I loved the story and it’s similarities to Harry Potter because like you said it’s supposed to be satire. 😀

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    1. Thank you! 😊 I’m glad I ended up reading it because I didn’t really have any desire to read another Rowell book after Fangirl. But this book was just a lot fun! And I loved Simon and Baz, and their snarky comments to each other. So funny! 😂

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  3. You finished it! Nice review! 🙂 I doubt I will finish it anytime soon because that pacing was killing me. I could’ve overlooked the weird HP references if it moved faster. Glad you liked it. 🙂 I’m not liking Miss Peregrine’s either. What is it with me and our BOTM? 😂

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    1. Hahaha thank you! I actually finished it like 2 weeks ago (that’s how far behind I am on reviews, yikes!) lol. But yeah, I thought it was a funny read. It made me laugh aloud which definitely helped because it did start off fairly slow.
      Ah, don’t worry about it hahaha! I thought Miss Peregrine’s was just alright when I first read it, nothing special. Which is pretty obvious considering I read it when it first came out and never finished the series hahaha! I think the BOTMs have just been unlucky recently. But hey, that’s the point – to see if they live up to the hype or not! I enjoy your rant reviews anyways so I’m not complaining lol! I’m just glad that I actually hadn’t already read the BOTM for last month. 😉

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      1. I’ve been behind on reviews all month. Now worries. I think a lot of us are like whatever lately. I know I have been. 😂 I didn’t realize it was supposed to be satire when I first read it, and that’s why I got so annoyed with it. Miss Peregrine’s might be a DNF for me along with two other books I read this week that sucked. I was having such good luck until this week. 😂 Thanks! You’ll be seeing some ranty reviews, especially one for Vassa in the Night. What a giant disappointment.

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      2. Gasp! Noooo, I was having such high hopes for Vassa in the Night! (And that’s gotta be the quickest youve ever started to read one of your Owlcrate books eh?😂)

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      3. Yeah, I’m just not starting to finally catch up on mine. I’ve got 3 more to write and then I’ll be done. Whoop! 😂 And don’t worry, I think a lot of people didn’t realize that when they read this book either! I can’t wait to read your Ranty reviews! 😂

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  4. I’ve wanted to read this so badly! I have it waiting for me on my bookshelf back home, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the gorgeous beauty.

    I’m really glad you liked it ❤ Now I am even more excited.

    Lovely review, by the way. : )

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  5. I really need to catch up with everyone and join the Rainbow Rowell train. I’m still in the middle of Eleanor and Park, but I’m loving it and I want to get onto her other books!

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    1. Haha don’t worry, I’ve only read these two books by her and they might be the only ones I ever read. I’m not the biggest contemporary fan so her other books to don’t really interest me a whole lot. But I’m glad you’re enjoying them! I know tons of people love her work! 😊


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