Smashing Series September Wrap-Up!

Yes, I do realize that it’s already October 10th and I’m just now getting to this wrap-up. Y’all just go easy on me, I’ve had a busy week! You can read my original Smashing Series September post HERE.

I think I did alright for my reading challenge last month, as I was able to finish 3/5 of the series that I had chosen. And I’m currently finishing up my 4th series, as well. I wasn’t able to read as much as I had hoped due to going a little slow with one series as it wasn’t holding my interest as much as I’d hoped – looking at you The Winner’s Trilogy. Here were the books that I was able to finish last month! Click on the title to see my review for that book!

I enjoyed the majority of these books, but unfortunately I was a little disappointed by two of them. For me, the final book in a series should be the strongest in terms of character development, plot, writing, etc. But apparently some authors just don’t seem to understand that *cough* Rutkoski *cough*, and decide to go in a completely different direction. Hopefully Half Lost (Half Bad Trilogy, #3) doesn’t turn out to disappoint me too! Fingers crossed!

Here are the books that I didn’t finish during September but am finishing up this month…

What are some series or trilogies that you didn’t like the ending of? Are there any series that you’ve started but haven’t gotten around to finishing yet?