Stand Alone August Wrap-Up: The End is Here!

Well it’s finally September which means fall is just around the corner! I’m so happy we are now officially done with summer and can start heading towards my favorites time of year – cold weather! And yes, I enjoy the cold. It makes me feel all happy and think of Christmas which is basically the best time of year! But anyways, moving on…

Stand-Alone August was my way of trying to move a bunch of single novels off of my TBR to make room for the wayyyyyyy too many series that I have started but never finished. I prefer to binge read series but for some reason, this year I have started some but have yet to finish them (or at least catch up to the most recent book). So I decided to punch through as many of my standalones as possible first, and then proceed with Smashing Series September. This probably makes no sense to some of you, but I am my own kind of crazy and so it makes sense to me. πŸ˜‰

August started a little slow for me, unfortunately. It took me a while to really find my reading groove, but once I did, BAM! My original plan was to read 13 books and while I didn’t quite achieve that goal, I did get pretty darn close. I finished 10 books which I think is quite commendable. And what’s even better was that for the most part – they were all really good! Unfortunately, I am still trying to catch up on reviews for all of them but I hope to get caught up over the weekend. Be on the lookout!


  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster – 3 stars
  • My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Jodi Meadows, & Brodi Ashton – 5 stars,Β REVIEW
  • The Storied Life of AJ Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin – 4 stars,
  • We Were Liars by E. Lockhart – 4 stars, REVIEW
  • The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller – 4 stars,Β REVIEW
  • Uprooted by Naomi Novik – 5 stars, REVIEW
  • Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma – 4 stars
  • The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black – 5 stars
  • Da Vinci’s Tiger by L.M. Elliott – 4 stars
  • Asleep by Krystal Wade (currently finishing up today!)

Didn’t Read…

Yeahhhhh, looks like these babies will have to continue waiting for me to pick them up. Makes me kind of sad, actually. If you’ve read any of these 3 books, please let me know in the comments which ones I’m missing out on!

So what do you think about my Stand-Alone August? Have you read any really good standalone novels lately? Want to join in Smashing Series September?

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30 thoughts on “Stand Alone August Wrap-Up: The End is Here!”

      1. I bet the war was slow for you. A lot of people complained about that part. I was used to it from reading The Iliad so many times. I wish they had more about the gods divine intervention in the book and Hector. I wanted more Hector and we didn’t see as much. πŸ˜‚

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      2. Hahaha actually the war was my favorite part! It was the first 200 pages that were boring for me. But I’m a huge mythology buff and so the war was the best part for me but I completely agree about there not being enough about the gods intervention and Hector was just some remote figure, which I understand why but he’s also my favorite so I agree with needing more of him!

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      3. I love the war, too, but several people complained about it. Oh right the whole character development between Achilles and Patroclus was a bit slow. I did enjoy it because it was very realistic to history, but I thought it could’ve been sped up to get into the action sooner. I would’ve loved to have seen more from the Trojans.

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  1. I’m really feeling the need for colder weather, especially after some of the baking days I’ve had the last few weeks!
    You read some amazing books this month. I’m glad you enjoyed both My Lady Jane and The Song of Achilles because they’re two favourites of mine, I can’t wait to see your review for the latter! πŸ˜€

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  2. 10 books?!?! that’s impressive & deserves a pat on the back lol. I loved My Lady Jane! & I’ve heard there’s more on the way from this trio of authors, something to look forward to. I still haven’t gotten around to Uprooted or Forbidden, my stand-alones are looking a bit intimidating. I just recently have started getting into series & now I can’t stop lol. Hope you have a great September πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! I hadn’t heard that but I’m really happy to hear it as My Lady Jane was hilarious!.. I’m the same way, that’s why I tried to knock out as many as I could so I could get back to first love – series. 😊

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  3. Great job though! πŸ™‚ You got quite a few books off your tbr pile πŸ™‚ And wow. Forbidden. I saw this on GR ages ago… It didn’t not land on my tbr, but it stuck with me. I couldn’t read this book if I tried. That’s just too big of a no-no for me.

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  4. What a great month! I did something like that two years ago, a different genre for every month. I did September Sizzlers (romance), crime-related in October, historical in November, Christmas in December, and continued on into the next year all the way through April with middle grades. It was a lot and there were some months (ahem, November) that I just did not want to do, but I powered on anyway. I understand your idea and I think it’s great!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m sure it didn’t make sense to some people lol… Wow, I don’t know if I could stick to just one genre a month for a year – I’d probably end banging my head against the wall haha! I’m really impressed that you were able to do it! I might do just a one month thing though at some point, just to see how it turns out.


  5. 10 books in a month is still quite impressive! I can’t wait to see your reviews for all of those books. Quite a few of them are on my list to read. πŸ™‚

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  6. You’ve got some great books here! I’ve read both The Serpent King and Worlds of Ink and Shadow, and thought WOIAS was just okay but TSK was amazing! One of the best contemporary YAs I’ve read in a while.

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